Recognizable Traits of the Phlegmatic personality

It is quite simple to recognize the major traits of the Phlegmatic personality if you know what to look for! Like the other three temperament types, this group of people have both positive and negative personality traits…

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  • Laid back and easy going – this personality type takes life in their stride, they’re unhurried and pleasant with no hint of being “high-maintenance”. 
  • Cool, calm and collected – they seem unfazed by everyday things that other personality types stress about. 
  • Hard-to-read – this group of people tend to be private regarding their own personal issues – they don’t talk much about themselves but are always ready to help others. 
  • Kind and sympathetic  – Phlegmatics have a genuinely kind and caring nature, with an unmistakable air of peace around them. 
  • They are quiet, but have a dry sense of humour which comes out when least expected and is often a surprise to those around them. 

Phlegmatic strengths

Chameleon-like adaptability

Phlegmatics can adapt easier than most to different situations as they are easily reconciled to life and roll with the punches. 

Peacemaker and negotiator

This group dislikes conflict and they try their best to avoid it all costs. This leads them to work hard at peace-making efforts so that everyone can win. They also negotiate peaceful solutions to problems with calmness. 

Patient and tactful

This is the most patient personality type of all! They are people-oriented and will always think before they speak in order to avoid hurting people, which makes them tactful.  

Well balanced and stable 

Because they are so calm and not prone to outbursts of emotion, Phlegmatics are the most well balanced of the 4 temperament types. You can rely on them to be consistent. 

Handles pressure well

The Phlegmatic personality is good at handling pressure due to their calm demeanour. They consider all aspects of a situation and don’t immediately jump to conclusions. 

Hardworking and persistent

Once they get going, Phlegmatics are hardworking and persistent and will rarely leave a job unfinished. 

Has many friends 

They are easy-going and non-judgmental, traits which draw people to them and give them many friends. 


Phlegmatic weakness

They are really nice and largely inoffensive people, so their weaknesses may not be quite so obvious, but, like the other 3 types, they certainly have them…

Lack enthusiasm

Phlegmatics are so low-key without major displays of emotion that they seem to lack enthusiasm where other temperaments would show visible emotion and enthusiasm. 

Low energy levels

These people like to conserve their energy only for pursuits they feel are worthwhile. They move (and often talk) slowly. 


Phlegmatics are notorious procrastinators, usually because they really don’t want to do what they’ve been asked to do. 

Stubborn will of iron

Don’t be fooled by their calm exterior, Phlegmatic people can truly stand their ground when they’re convinced of something, and nothing is able to change their mind! 


Phlegmatics are usually happy to go along with the consensus (unless they have a definite reason not to, then the point above applies), and it can be annoying when their constant refrain to any question is, “I don’t mind, you decide”. 

Speak softly and mumble

They may speak indistinctly if they are lacking confidence in a situation and consequently will tend to mumble making it difficult to hear what they are saying. 

The Phlegmatic child

The Phlegmatic child may have fooled their parents into having more children if they were the first-born baby:) Here’s why…

Quiet and undemanding

The Phlegmatic baby is the easiest baby for new parents to deal with. They only cry when necessary, and usually do not bawl in rage unless their needs are unattended to for too long. 

The Phlegmatic child is also calm and does not display much high-maintenance behavior. People would often remark about the “good baby” and nicely behaved child. 

Kind and sympathetic

These children are kind-hearted and try to include others – they hate people to be left out. They will invite the new kid to join their group. 
Their tender hearts will lead them to take extra sandwiches from home to give to the hungry classmate at recess, or even give their own sandwiches away. 

Hardworking and diligent

Phlegmatic children normally pay attention to their schoolwork and put a lot of effort in. They enjoy doing well and usually finish the tasks set for them. 

Bring people together

They avoid conflict and don’t like others being unhappy, so they will use their tact and negotiation and sheer common sense to help others patch up their differences so they can all be friends:)


Best careers for the Phlegmatic personality

Those with a calm Phlegmatic temperament have many strengths to bring to the workplace provided they are working to their strengths . Some great possibilities for careers include:

  • Psychologist or counselor – they are caring, with great listening skills and are people-oriented which leads them to become excellent counselors. 
  • Administrator or office worker – Phlegmatics are capable in administrative tasks due to their perseverance and competence. 
  • Teacher – they have agreeable, pleasant personalities and relate well to students.
  • Social worker – they have compassion but are calm and can keep their emotions hidden which make them great for this role. they also work well under pressure. 
  • Mediator/negotiator – their calm demeanor lends itself to both mediating between aggrieved parties and negotiating a settlement agreeable to all.
  • Coach/trainer – strong people skills and compassion, along with superior listening skills makes the Phlegmatic a great trainer or coach. 
  • Lawyer – calmness, being good under pressure and being able to keep their emotions hidden make the Phlegmatic an excellent lawyer. 

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