Recognizable Traits of the Melancholy personality

Here is what you will notice when you come across someone who has a predominantly Melancholy personality…

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  • The Melancholy person is deep and thoughtful, often engaging in contemplation about the state of themselves and humanity!
  • They are introverted, listen much more than they talk, and usually come across as serious.
  • They are hard-working, persistent and thorough, and never leave a job undone. 
  • Melancholics show great attention to detail, cross all the t’s and dot all the i’s and enjoy working with lists and graphs. 
  • This personality type is highly creative, maybe musical, definitely philosophical, and are often genius-prone individuals!

Melancholy strengths

Well-organized and orderly
Melancholics always prepare well and generally prefer to have everything they need before undertaking anything! They will not arrive to a meeting unprepared. They prefer to work in an orderly and structured environment. 

Set high standards in everything they do (Perfectionists)

They have high standards for themselves and for others. They will not do a half-job, they’d rather not do it at all! Sometimes other personalities feel under pressure to perform like the Melancholy and this may be intimidating to the other personalities. 

Sensitive to other people

Melancholics are kind, caring and sensitive to the feelings of others. Because they are good listeners, they can discern what is really going on with people, and offer them support.


Because they care deeply for others and have great compassion, they may becoming self-sacrificing, caring more for others than themselves. This is the most caring friend you could ever hope to have!

Creative and talented

Melancholy people are the most creative of the 4 temperament types. They have a deep appreciation for beauty, and this is often expressed in art, music or dancing formats. 

Analytical mind

They are excellent at research and analysis, and their detail-driven nature makes them very good at getting deeply into a subject. No shallow outline for them!

Economical use of resources

Melancholics can be relied upon to bring the project deadline in time and on budget! They make great employees dealing with detail-driven work, and their thoroughness is an amazing asset. 

Melancholy weaknesses

Along with their excellent strengths, Melancholics, like every other personality types, also has some less than excellent qualities:

Moody and emotional behavior

Like the Sanguine personality, the Melancholic is prone to moody behavior. They are most likely to be down on themselves when they fail to meet their own high standards. 

Overly sensitive

They are easily hurt by the words and actions of others, even when others are unaware that they have hurt them. They take offense easily. 

Bear grudges

When someone has offended them, they may keep quiet and not confront the person, but they will tend to hold grudges for a long time to come. 

Gloomy and sad countenance

Melancholics often seem to be carrying the world upon their shoulders. They have an innate pessimistic view of the world and may find it difficult to remain cheerful. 


Because Melancholics like to be well-prepared for everything they do, they may procrastinate starting anything until they have everything they need, and this can go on indefinitely to the point that nothing gets started. 

Set unrealistic expectations for others

Melancholics have high standards for themselves, and also for others which they may be unable or unwilling to complete. This causes the Melancholic to become critical and nit-picking. 

The Melancholy child

The Melancholy child would’ve shown signs of their temperament from babyhood, which we can look at here…

Quiet and introspective

The Melancholy child is an introvert. As a baby, they do not throw screaming tantrums like a Sanguine little one, nor bellow in red-faced rage like a Choleric baby. It’s not to say that they can’t do this; it’s just not the normal mode of behavior for them! 
Melancholy babies tend to be quiet and undemanding, and prefer a constant routine as they don’t like change. The same applies to Melancholy children.

Hardworking and diligent

Melancholy children apply themselves to their schoolwork with consistency and attention-to-detail. They are perfectionists, and will sit for hours ensuring that their projects are exactly right before turning them in. They’d rather not turn in work if it’s not well done. They are a teacher’s dream student:)

Creative and talented

Make no mistake, Melancholy children are often hugely talented and creative, often musically-inclined, or they may love creative writing or painting. However, they don’t enjoy the spotlight, so sometimes their talents remain hidden for a long time. 

Sensitive and compassionate

This child has a beautiful, caring soul! They are very sensitive to the feelings of others and can be easily hurt. They are wonderful, supportive friends, but you need to be careful not to offend them, even unknowingly as they tend to hold grudges and you may not even know why they’re upset with you…

Best careers for the Melancholy personality

The Melancholy personality has certain amazing strengths which will lend themselves well to certain careers. 

Some possibilities include:

  • Accountant or financial career – the detail-consciousness of the Melancholic personality works well where every detail counts and accuracy is paramount! 
  • Project management – Melancholics have great organizing capabilities so project management is a good choice for them to pursue. They will cross all the “T’s” and dot all the “i’s”. 
  • Administrative work – accuracy is usually important in admin roles as well. The structured nature of most administrative work fits in well with the Melancholic personality. 
  • Nursing or medical field – Melancholics are deeply compassionate and sensitive to the needs of others and make caring medical practitioners who pay attention to detail and leave nothing to chance. 
  • Engineering – once again, their detail-driven and perfectionistic personalities will shine in a career where details are vitally important. 
  • Researcher- this role will fulfill the need of the Melancholy personality to dig deep, be thoroughly engaged and pay attention to the details!
  • Musician/songwriter – Melancholics are often talented musicians and songwriters, and this role will allow their creativity to flourish.

Now that you’ve discovered the special talents of the MELANCHOLY personality, here is the lowdown on the other 3 personality types:


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