Recognizable Traits of the Choleric Personality

How can you quickly figure out the Choleric personality traits? Here are some pointers to set  you in the right direction…

  • The Choleric personality is an extrovert with a confident persona and great reliance on their own abilities.
  • Choleric people take the lead in any situation and are clearly born leaders.
  • They are goal-orientated and driven, highly active and always busy.
  • Choleric’s thrive on opposition and don’t back down from conflict. 
  • They are quick decision-makers who love righting the wrongs of the world!

Choleric Strengths

Great natural leadership skills

Choleric’s show leadership skills early in life. They prefer to lead and not to follow, and somehow, people normally give them the leadership role in any situation requiring it. 

Competitive spirit

This is the most competitive persona you will find. It doesn’t matter if it is a game of Monopoly or beach volley ball, Choleric’s will take it as a competition and they don’t like to lose…at anything!

Goal-driven and decisive

Choleric people always have a goal. They will never be found floating around without a sense of direction and are great at decision-making where they pride themselves on always being right. 

Optimistic and not easily discouraged

Cholerics are normally upbeat about the future and not easily beaten down. They do not easily give up. 

Action taker of note

They are quick to take action and trust their own gut in whatever they do. 

Unafraid of opposition 

Cholerics are not afraid of opposition and, in fact, they thrive on it! They are happy to take anyone on and often seem like huge risk-takers. 

Crusader for the wrongs of the world

This personality type has a need to put to rights the wrongs of the world. Their fearless attitude is a great help in this endeavor. 


Choleric Weaknesses

This personality type finds it most difficult to accept that they may, like other people, have some areas of their personality which needs work. 

Domineering and bossy behavior

Cholerics like to lead and make decisions which they often do without consulting others. This makes them appear domineering and bossy.

Look down on others

They are very confident in their own abilities and may tend to look down on others who do things differently or slower than them.

Short-tempered and argumentative

The Choleric personality is wired with a short fuse. They are quick-tempered and don’t shy away from an argument which they usually win.

Driven workaholic

This may seem like a strength, but Cholerics take “workaholic” to a new level! They consequently find it very difficult to relax and this may affect their family life. 

Tactless and unsympathetic

Cholerics will “tell it like it is” in a blunt way without considering how their words are affecting others. This is the type of communication they are most comfortable with themselves. 

Unemotional and unaffectionate

They show little emotion, and if they do, it’s likely to be anger rather than any other emotion. They do not indulge in outward displays of affection and tend to be unaffectionate in general. 

The Choleric Child

The Choleric child is quite easy to spot due to their competitive nature and early leadership skills…parents of Choleric babies learn this early on…

Choleric child

Strong-willed from the get-go

Choleric babies learn early on that their crying and screaming gets results from those around them and it’s something they never forget! If telling people to do things does not result in appropriate action, they are not averse to yelling to get things done.

Quieter children will not appreciate this and they may be called out for bullying. 

They likely rule their families who often give into them just to keep the peace! 

Born leaders

Kings and queens of the sandpit, these children lead from an early age, sometimes because others realize that they have the answers, and sometimes by intimidation. This child will take the lead in group work at school without being asked, or the group will likely vote them as leader. 
They often become leaders at school, recognized by their peers and the teachers. They are outspoken and not afraid to voice their opinion in any situation. 

Innate confidence in their own abilities

From young, the Choleric child will display confidence in whatever they do, and they are not easily put off, even if things are difficult!
They are goal-driven and often delegate work that they don’t want to do themselves to others. 

Thrive in challenging circumstances

This child is not averse to taking risks which is often worrisome to their parents! Just tell them they can’t do something and they will set out proving to you that they can!
They need to be challenged otherwise they become bored, and when that happens, they may start to cause trouble as they have nothing to stimulate themselves with. They need to be do and learning new things to keep them engaged. 


Best careers for the Choleric personality

Cholerics have many positive strengths which can be used to excel in the career stream of their choice. Some possibilities include:

CEO/company leader – due to their excellent leadership skills, Cholerics can run anything including large corporations or their own companies. 

Start-up company leaders – they have the courage, competitiveness and perseverance to make a new company work. 

Trial lawyers – Choleric people have the power and win-at-all-costs mentality to intimidate everyone who comes into their path, which may be a good trait in this case. They are also great at arguing!

Stockbroker/Investment Banker – these roles require quick decision-making and a lot of guts, both of which the Choleric has in spades. 

Top-level sports coach – the Choleric has the presence and influence to direct and coach top-level sports people and will push them to do better than what they think is their best…

Sales executive – they are both task and goal-driven, and reaching for difficult goals is stimulating for them. They will often be the top sales people in any organization. 

Professional sports person – requiring perseverance, strong-will and determination as well as talent, the Choleric will push past barriers until they succeed. In the rare event that they don’t, it won’t be from lack of effort on their part! 


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